Hybrid OfficeROI Calculator

How much can a location-responsive hybrid office solution save you? With our helpful calculator you’ll find out how much your company is estimated to save with Senion at Work.

Hybrid Office Value Assessment

Company details

Drag the sliders to adjust values to fit your company. The calculator will suggest a 7:1 employee-to-meeting room ratio.

  • Number of employees
  • 2000
  • Number of meeting rooms
  • 300
  • Average employee salary
  • $ 70,000

Estimated savings

From the numbers above, it is estimated that you can save resources in these areas.
All estimations are US dollars, yearly.

  • ▸ Improved meeting room utilization 1
  • n/a
  • ▸ Time saved booking rooms 2
  • n/a
  • ▸ More meetings starting on time 3
  • n/a
  • ▸ Making it easier to meet up 4
  • n/a
  • Total est. savings, yearly:
  • n/a
  • n/a

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1) Rent saved thanks to improving the utilization rate of meeting rooms.
2) Time saved by making it easier for employees to find and book nearby rooms and other bookable spaces.
3) Time saved for from making sure more meetings start on time thanks to Smart Reminders and blue-dot wayfinding.
4) Time saved for employees by making it easier to request and locate each other in a large office.

Looking to improve utilization and productivity?

Senion at Work is a location-responsive smart office solution that help companies improve the workplace and save time and energy for employees!