Senion at Work – Privacy Policy

Senion at Work – Privacy Policy 

(Version, Jan 31, 2019)

The Senion at Work app does not store any personal data. When you authenticate yourself, you are redirected to Office 365 or G Suite login pages. After a successful authentication, the app stores an authentication token which is used in all following communication with the Senion servers and Office 365 or G Suite. Senion at Work therefore has no access to your login credentials.

Use of personal data from Office 365 and G Suite

The Senion at Work app needs access to some user data from your Office 365 or G Suite account.

The app needs access to your calendar. It needs to read about your meetings to be able to show you notifications of upcoming meetings. It needs write access to your calendar to let you book a meeting room.

Senion at Work needs to read information about all users in your organization. The app uses this information to show a list of users and to show detailed information about users, the same information as you have access to in Office 365 and G Suite. This information can be used to send location requests to colleagues or to make a call to a colleague.

The app needs to access information about calendars that you have access to, for example meeting rooms. The information is used to determine if the room is available or not.

Collection of usage statistics

Senion collects anonymous usage statistic data that is used to improve the product and to generate building utilization data. The data that is stored is:

  • A randomized device id – the id is regenerated if the app is reinstalled.
  • Start and end time of the session.
  • Room utilization analytics – what time a user entered or exited a virtual zone or a room.
  • Device information – Device manufacturer, operating system and model name.
  • Bluetooth Beacon information – information about Senion beacons that the device observes. The beacon information is: beacon id, time stamp, battery level, beacon firmware version and beacon floorplan. The beacon information is used for monitoring the beacons which are used by the indoor positioning system.

Google Firebase is used for collecting and storing app usage analytics and crash reports. See Firebase Privacy.

The only data that is shared is room utilization analytics and it is only shared with Senion’s customer, which is the organization that has purchased Senion at Work, which is probably your employer.

The data is stored as long as it is needed for the product development or as long as the customer needs the room utilization data.

You cannot request deletion of the data as it is not possible to see which data is generated by whom.