The top indoor location engine for smartphones.

Senion IPS is a high-powered and robust indoor positioning system that enables offices, shopping malls and hospitals to offer the bleeding-edge of digital experiences.

Change the way you
think about mobile

Senion IPS gives you the platform you need for location-based services—whether it’s enhancing the customer experience in your shopping mall, or helping your employees find and easier connect with each other.

your-app-icon-100Your app

Supercharge your app

Enhance your app with a range of indoor location features.

Indoor wayfinding
Occupancy detection
Location sharing
Predictive intelligence

Location use cases

Create new digital experiences with one or several location services.

senion-ips-blueprint-150Senion IPS

Location infrastructure

Our world-class indoor location engine acts as a foundation for all types of location responsive apps.

Feature overview

Highly responsive

With a refresh rate of several times per second – the positioning is constantly updated. No lagging behind.

Device agnostic

Indoor positioning no matter the device. Works and runs smoothly on any iOS or Android device.

World class accuracy

Senion IPS offers an accuracy of about 2 meters – and constantly improving.

Works in background mode

Runs in background mode for a smooth experience between sessions.

Boots up in an instant

The time from initializing the SDK until the first position is calculated is well under a few seconds. Does not require walking around to get the first position.

Zero latency

All calculations are carried out on device. No server traffic is needed for the positioning – which means zero latency.

Automatic floor switch

The Senion IPS algorithms will sense when you move to a new floor – and automatically switch over to the current floor.

Quick and easy installation

Install beacons

First, you simply mount the beacons to walls or ceiling. Installing a beacon takes less than a minute.

Walk to calibrate

Secondly, you need to calibrate the system. To do this, you simply walk a set of paths in the building.

Enjoy positioning!

Finally, once the calibration is done, the system is up and running.

One mall – one week

As an example, installing Senion IPS in a 220 000 sqm (2.3m sqft) shopping mall took two people about a week from mounting the first beacon to fully operational.

1 week

Time and resources to install.


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Want to learn more about indoor positioning systems? Read our whitepaper on everything you need to know.

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Security is core to our business

To meet the high requirements of our enterprise clients, ensuring system integrity is a top priority for us.

We have taken a number of serious measures to make sure your installation is fully protected.

encrypted-dataEncrypted data
All data traffic is encrypted with https/AES 128-bit to ensure system integrity.

Secured beacon IDs
No third-party is able to hijack and leverage your beacon network.

Continous performance monitoring
Tools that continuously monitor the performance and uptime of Senion IPS.

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“Senion IPS allows us to offer step-by-step wayfinding, a more personalized visit that caters to the guest preference, and a way for visitors to more easily connect with our brands and attractions.”

Jill Renslow, SVP Marketing @ Mall of America


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