Use case

Meet up with colleagues

Finding each other in a large office can sometimes be a project. Especially in large workplaces with free seating policies. With Smart Meet Up, Senion at Work makes it easier for colleagues to find each other and meet up.

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Easier meet ups

Smart Meet Up makes it easy-peasy to find each other and meet up in a large workplace. Through Senion at Work, employees can easily request and share their location with colleagues or team members. Thanks to the request-based approach and encrypted peer-to-peer sharing, you can rest assured that you always control who can see your location.

  • Easily share location with a colleague
  • Request-based approach to ensure privacy
  • Peer-to-peer encrypted transmission of location

How it works

To make it as easy as possible for employees to find each other and meet up, while still respecting their privacy, Senion at Work comes with a request-based peer-to-peer location sharing.

To get a colleagues location, you locate them in Senion at Work and request their location. The other person will get a push notification asking whether they’d like to share their location with you. If they agree, you’ll be able to find them on the map in the smartphone app.

See it in action

Contact us to learn more about how your workplace will benefit from Senion at Work or request a demo and we’ll show you how it works!