Use case

Eliminate no-shows

Research has shown that a large chunk of all booked meeting rooms end up unused. This makes it harder for employees who actually need rooms and prevent an efficient use of the real estate.

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No more no-shows

Someone booked the room, and for some reason decided not to use it but forgot to release the reservation. Not only is it frustrating for employees but no-shows are a hurdle for efficient use of corporate real estate.

Senion at Work automatically identifies no-shows and assists in freeing up the space.

  • Detects no-shows in real-time
  • Predicts potential future no-shows
  • Helps freeing up space for everyone

How it works

Senion at Work combines contextual data such as the user’s current location, the calendar, local time and user ID to identify no-shows. From these data, Senion at Work also predicts future potential no-shows. When a no-show or potential no-show is detected, Senion at Work prompts the user with the option to release the room.

Predicting no-shows before they occur

Senion at Work comes equipped with predictive capabilities to identify potential future no-shows based on historic data. Identifying and releasing rooms before the fact means a higher chance that someone else will benefit from the now available room.

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