The smart office solution for the modern office

We help companies improve productivity and reduce real-estate waste. From improving room booking to facilitating collaboration, Senion at Work makes the workplace run smoother.

Smart office solution powered by indoor location

Senion at Work is a smart office solution that connects employees with the office building, and with each other. By leveraging indoor positioning, Senion at Work simplifies the workday for both employees and real estate teams.

Plan the week ahead.

Let colleagues know when you’ll be on-site.

More and more companies are adapting a hybrid workplace where employees may work on-site or remotely as they see fit. Senion at Work makes the hybrid workplace possible by allowing users to select which days they’ll be in the office.

  • Plan your week ahead
  • See when your colleagues will be at the office
  • Use predicted occupancy to inform your decision
  • and more!

Save time and hassle.

Senion at Work connects employees with the office building, and with each other.

Through smartphones, Senion at Work provides users each day with smart suggestions that save time and hassle for employees while optimizing the space usage at the same time.

  • Find available rooms nearby
  • Quickly locate meeting rooms
  • Easily meet up with colleagues
  • and more!

Proactive instead of reactive.

Senion at Work solves issues before they become problems.

Most of the interactions with Senion at Work are done from the lock screen. Thanks to its contextual intelligence, Senion at Work serves actionable, relevant suggestions based on that specific user’s situation.

No need to open up the app – just a tap and you’re set.

  • Book rooms as you enter
  • Smart meeting reminders
  • Smart release of un-used rooms
  • and more!

Meet up and collaborate.

Looking for each other in a vast open office is now a thing of the past

In large workplaces with free seating, it can be a hurdle to locate each other. With location-sharing Senion at Work makes it easy for colleagues to meet up and collaborate.

  • Request-based location sharing
  • Peer-to-peer encrypted transmission to ensure privacy

Solution overview

Senion at Work is an integrated system where every part has been engineered to work in synergy. The solution is designed with simplicity and usability in mind. The smartphone app provides employees with a proactive and location-responsive tool for everyday use.


Smartphone app

The smartphone app is the main interface between employees and Senion at Work. The application is developed natively for both iOS and Android.

Indoor Positioning System

The IPS provides the context so Senion at Work can be proactive and respond to the user’s surrounding.

Cloud Server

The Cloud Server handles all the traffic between the smartphone app, the IPS, and integration with the customer’s calendar system.

Included services


Senion at Work is easy to install. We carry out the installation on-site. Thanks to the turn-key design, Senion at Work can be up-and-running, fully functional within a week.


Part of the Senion at Work turnkey solution is our Onboarding Program, that ensures a smooth introduction for employees to get started with Senion at Work.

Peace-of-mind comfort

Whether it’s support or hardware maintenance, don’t worry – its all included.

Workplace Insights

Learn more about smart offices and workplace technologies through our published whitepapers and resources.

What is a smart office?

We’ve put together a page with most things you should know about smart offices.

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Workplace utilization report

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Detailed occupancy analytics

Utilization data to fuel your workplace decisions

Space, just like time, is money. In order to provide a better workplace for your employees, it’s key to understand what works and what doesn’t. With Senion at Work, you get a detailed overview of how your space is used in real-time, and powerful metrics to fuel your workplace decisions.

  • Anonymized occupancy data
  • Numbers of users in room
  • Automated reporting
  • API for integration into existing BI systems
  • and more!

Our secret ingredient:
Indoor Positioning

At the core of Senion at Work is our world class indoor positioning system (IPS). It’s the technology that makes your smartphone location responsive.

The IPS provides the context so Senion at Work can be proactive and respond to the user’s surrounding.

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World class accuracy
Accurate, robust and reliable positioning system for office environments.

Light infrastructure
Runs on a light, non-invasive BLE network. No cables, no wiring.

ips-device-iconDevice agnostic
Runs seamlessly on both iOS and Android smartphones.

You’re in good company

Senion simplifies work at some of the world’s most innovative companies, including several Fortune 500 companies in Finance, Media, IT and Pharmaceutical.

“Our initial roll-out focuses on productivity improvements by saving employees time they might waste searching for things, such as conference rooms or places to work.”

Magnus Arildsson, Global Head Ericsson Application Platform for IoT @ Ericsson

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