The top indoor location engine for smart apps.

StepInside® is a high-powered and robust indoor positioning system that enables offices, shopping malls and hospitals to offer the bleeding-edge of digital experiences.

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Change the way you
think about mobile

StepInside® gives you the platform you need for location-based services—whether it’s enhancing the customer experience in your shopping mall, or helping your employees find and easier connect with each other.

Feature overview

Highly responsive

With a refresh rate of several times per second – the positioning is constantly updated. No lagging behind.

Device agnostic

Indoor positioning no matter the device. Works and runs smoothly on any iOS or Android device.

World class accuracy

StepInside® offers an accuracy of about 2 meters – and constantly improving.

Works in background mode

Runs in background mode for a smooth experience between sessions.

Boots up in an instant

The time from initializing the SDK until the first position is calculated is well under a few seconds. Does not require walking around to get the first position.

Zero latency

All calculations are carried out on device. No server traffic is needed for the positioning – which means zero latency.

Automatic floor switch

The StepInside® algorithms will sense when you move to a new floor – and automatically switch over to the current floor.

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Quick and easy installation

Install beacons

First, you simply mount the beacons to walls or ceiling. Installing a beacon takes less than a minute.

Walk to calibrate

Secondly, you need to calibrate the system. To do this, you simply walk a set of paths in the building.

Enjoy positioning!

Finally, once the calibration is done, the system is up and running.

One mall – one week

As an example, installing StepInside® in a 220 000 sqm (2.3m sqft) shopping mall took two people about a week from mounting the first beacon to fully operational.

1 week

Time and resources to install.

Security is core to our business

To meet the high requirements of our enterprise clients, ensuring system integrity is a top priority for us.

We have taken a number of serious measures to make sure your installation is fully protected.

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encrypted-dataEncrypted data
All data traffic is encrypted with https/AES 128-bit to ensure system integrity.

Scrambled beacon IDs
No third-party is able to hijack and leverage your beacon network.

Continous performance monitoring
Tools that continuously monitor the performance and uptime of StepInside®.

“StepInside® is an important piece of our solution which provides accurate indoor positioning for our mapping technologies”

Luan Dang, CTO @ Phunware

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