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Back to the office:Smart and Safe

Taking responsibility for a safe workplace has never been easier. Here’s how smart office solutions can ensure a safe return to the office.

A safe return to the workplace

As the Corona pandemic subsides and lockdowns are gradually lifted, a smart and safe return to the workplaces is a top priority for many firms.

Studies show that employees want to return to the office, as long as its safe. With Senion at Work you can ensure a smooth and safe return to the office.


Our solution for a safe return to the workplace

Our solution for safely getting back to work in a post-pandemic world is based on a foundation of two components that work in synergy to ensure workplaces where employees can feel safe and productive.

Building utilization and data generation

Collect and use data about how the building is used
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Tailored communication to employees

Communicate timely information, hints, and reminders. Provide a channel for employee-to-management feedback.
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Generate high accuracy utilization data

Collecting and analyzing building utilization data provides answers to important questions for the Workplace Return Team. How many people are on-site? Where in the office is the most time spent? How many have visited certain rooms or zones? Where are people situated this moment?

How it works

Define virtual zones

Virtual zones are defined for rooms or areas in the office. A virtual zone is hardware independent, can be large or small and is not restricted by objects, walls, or hardware.

Measure entries and exits

Senion at Work anonymously register entries/exits in each defined zone.

Complete anonymity

To ensure user privacy, the collected data is completely anonymized.

Turn data into insights

The utilization data can easily be shared in various ways with different stakeholders.


Nudge employees with tailored communication

Senion at Work allows Workplace Return Teams to communicate the correct information with the employees on-site, at the right time and place.

Blog Nudging people for a smarter use of the office

Tailored communication to employees

Deliver information based on where and when the user is.

  • When arriving at the office
  • When entering or leaving meeting rooms
  • When visiting cafeteria area

Nudge user behavior

Senion at Work has the capacity to nudge user behavior in a variety of ways to minimize health risks at the office.

  • Remind employees to book a bigger room than usual
  • Suggest rooms on same floor to minimize running around
  • Suggest rooms that have been used the least
  • Reminder to wash hands when leaving room

Research: C19 and Work

We continually research and publish insights on the way work is changing and what the new normal might look like in a Post-corona world.

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Looking for a safe return to the office?

Senion at Work is a smart office solution that help companies improve the workplace and save time and energy for employees!