Three things we learned from selling IPS to shopping malls

March 28th, 2017

Last year, Senion’s VP of Product and Co-founder Jonas Callmer, was invited to speak at the GeoIoT Expo in Brussels, Belgium. The topic was learnings and insights from working closely with large shopping malls developing digital services aimed at enhancing the customer experience. Recently, parts of the talk got published in the industry magazine Retail Touch Points:

Tech innovators like Senion have plenty of ideas of how, when and why indoor positioning should be used. But the truth is, no one knows more about use cases than the trailblazers who are actually implementing IPS. So, we put those questions to the test and asked some early IPS adopters.
We reached out to a number of shopping mall clients with the goal of understanding their thoughts on IPS, what value and promise they see in the technology, and what matters to them.


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