Am I being tracked?

February 21st, 2019

In one word: no. Senion at Work does not track your whereabouts at the office. We firmly believe the user has a right to not be tracked. Here’s why.

Many of the features that make Senion at Work great, like finding nearby available rooms or book a room as you enter, works thanks to indoor location. And since personal information (like the user’s location) can be sensitive, especially in a corporate environment, it’s extremely important that this data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. In order to prevent this from happening, Senion at Work is designed and built with privacy at the core.

Our approach to User Privacy

Before we started building Senion at Work, we knew that privacy can not be a bolt-on feature. It must be an integral part of the solution. As die hard privacy evangelists ourselves, we wanted to build a solution which we proudly could say respects the user’s privacy.

To guide the development, we decided on a number of privacy principles in the early design stages. These principles act as rules to direct decisions regarding  Senion at Work.

# Management will never be able to track the employees
Your personal information is your business, not ours. We will never sell, or in other ways share users’ personal information with superiors/boss or 3rd parties.

# The user is in charge
Personal information (such as the user location) is calculated on the smartphone, and stays there. Under no circumstances will we track, or give someone the ability to track other users.

# Whenever possible, the user ID shall be anonymized
Except for when explicitly sending your location to a colleague, the user ID should be anonymized in a way that makes it impossible to de-anonymize.

# All data traffic shall be encrypted
All traffic going in and out of Senion at Work shall be encrypted according to leading standards of encryption.

A word on anonymized data

While being very restrictive to sharing personal information, Senion at Work does collect more general, anonymized information.

There are two cases of anonymized data collection:

  • general building statistics and
  • feature usage statistics.

Building usage statistics


What are they?
Statistics on how often meeting rooms are used over time.

Why should you care?
Some meeting rooms are more popular, and some are less popular. For real estate departments, understanding how the office is used is an important first step to making workplace improvements. If the room is rarely used, perhaps it can be refurbished into something else. Or if the meeting rooms are already at max capacity, more meeting rooms can be prioritized.

How it works
Each time a user enters or exits a bookable space, an event is triggered and a small packet of data is stored.  Since the most important thing is to understand when someone enters or leaves the room, the user ID is anonymized before any data leaves the phone.

Data collected:

  • Zone ID – to identify which room
  • Time stamp – to identify when the event triggered
  • Entry/exit – to identify whether users entered or exited the zone

Feature usage statistics


What it is
Senion at Work stores some information about how the app is used. Examples of feature usage statistics are:

  • Number of rooms booked or cancelled through Senion at Work
  • Number of location sharing requests sent
  • Number of accepted location sharing requests

Why should you care?
Just like understanding how a building is used provides data needed for improvements, statistics on how the app is used constitutes the basis for redesign or feature updates. All to make the application more useful.

Just like with the building statistics, the user ID is anonymized before any data leaves the phone.


We take privacy concerns extremely serious. To prevent the misuse of personal information, we’ve built Senion at Work with privacy at the core. We want users to feel safe and comfortable using our services, which is why we’ve taken the steps outlined above to prevent misuse of personal information. Your personal information is your business, not ours.

If you have any questions regarding privacy or the more technical details of our approach you are more than welcome to contact us and we’ll gladly answer.

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