4 Signs your company is ready for an agile workplace

March 10th, 2017

Having too much, or too little space? Need to add new employees but no place to put them? Having conference rooms that are always booked but somehow seem to go unused?

Your office might be ready for a switch to an agile workplace. Keep an eye out for these signs!


Sign #1: Upcoming move

You have an upcoming move to a new office. This is a great opportunity to introduce a new way of working that benefits both the company and your employees.


Sign #2: Property costs

Property costs are too high and you’re looking for ways to reduce cost by housing more employees in less space, while still maintaining an inviting and productive office environment.

An agile workplace can increase the employee-to-seat ratio, while still maintain productivity.


Sign #3: Need to attract talent

The competition for talent in your industry demands that you find new ways to attract and support millennials. Studies show that younger generations value an engaging workplace higher than any generation before. Providing a more agile way of working is likely to be a significant factor when your future employees consider working at your company.

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Sign #4: Under-utilized spaces

It’s a fact that much of workspaces are under-utilized. Studies show that only somewhere between 40-60% of desks are used at any given time.

Unused desks, and empty rooms is something you pay for but don’t use. You have an opportunity for a significant ROI when you invest in an agile work environment.

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