The Multi-Generational Office

The implications of the multi-generational office will cause a paradigm shift in the corporate world. But to understand what it means, and how it impacts corporations, we need to understand the demographic forces at work.

Invisible technology, best technology

If you think about technology for a moment – what comes to mind? Computers? or smartphones? Perhaps something new and exciting like VR-goggles? The most obvious things that come to mind tend to be the most “visible” forms of technology. Here’s some food for thought: The best technologies are the invisible technologies.

Proximity vs True Location

At its core, technology that helps us understand where people and things are located inside buildings boils down to two basic concepts: either knowing when a user is in close proximity to a certain point, or being able to ascertain the user’s position regardless of his or her location within the building. The former relates to Proximity Systems and the latter to Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS).