Sodexo offers innovative post Corona office app from Senion

Sodexo offers innovative post Corona office app from Senion July 7th, 2020 Through “Rise with Sodexo”, Sodexo now offers the innovative office app Senion at Work for the real estate market and for clients with large offices. The app makes life easier for employees at the office – especially when [...]

How to reopen the office

Here’s how smart office solutions can guarantee a safe return to the office after the Corona pandemic.

Pros and cons of hotdesking

There are a number of pros and cons with hot desking. Before going all-in, consider whether the pros and cons match your specific company and culture.

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What if meeting room no-shows could be predicted?

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Offices have changed dramatically over the past decades. In this post, we take a brief, historical look at the last 60 years of office tech.

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Nudging people for a smarter use of the office

Technology should adopt to the user, not the other way around.

See you in Copenhagen!

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Am I being tracked?

In one word: no. Senion at Work does not track your whereabouts at the office. We firmly believe the user has a right to not be tracked. Here’s why.

History of the Office: Ancient roots

Working in an office is such a normal part of millions people’s every day life that we rarely take a step back and look at it with perspective.