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Invisible technology, best technology

If you think about technology for a moment – what comes to mind? Computers? or smartphones? Perhaps something new and exciting like VR-goggles? The most obvious things that come to mind tend to be the most “visible” forms of technology. Here’s some food for thought: The best technologies are the invisible technologies.

Time spent finding things, places and people in the office

While hot-desking is not a brand new idea, it is still a much discussed topic among facility managers globally. Our recent Workplace Survey uncovered some interesting observations on how different seating policies can impact the employees’ day-to-day

Where’s my desk? More companies moving to hot-desking

An increasing number of companies across the globe have initiated the “hot-desking” practice, where there are no assigned desks. It sounds unusual to stalwarts who are accustomed to personalizing their work space with family photos and puppy calendars, but there are practical reasons why the hot-desking trend is gaining momentum.

Your Workplace and Employee Productivity

Infographic: Employee Productivity November 16th, 2017 Interested in learning more? You find this and much more in our Workplace Survey report

5 reasons why the time for Agile workplace is now

5 reasons why the time for Agile workplace is now March 13th, 2017 Agility in the workplace is not something radically new. The 90s popularized desk sharing as a means to [...]

4 signs your company is ready for agile workspace

4 Signs your company is ready for an agile workplace March 10th, 2017 Having too much, or too little space? Need to add new employees but no place to put them? [...]

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