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Reducing the energy usage of IPS

How we measured and optimized the power consumption of our IPS engine.

What you need to know about indoor maps

Looking for indoor maps? Here are five good questions to ask indoor mapping vendors to ensure you get the best platform for your needs.

How accurate are indoor positioning systems?

The last thing you want happening when using or navigating with GPS is faulty position. What good is a positioning system when it can’t show where you are? Naturally, this concern exist for Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) as well, and perhaps even more so since it’s a younger technology.

Does bluetooth drain your battery?

No one likes running low on smartphone battery. Is Bluetooth the main offender? In this post, we go through the facts and data.

5 things to consider for commercial feasibility of Indoor Location

When deploying or considering indoor location solutions, there are several things to consider. Undoubtedly, the single most important thing to contemplate is the intended use case.

A Blue Dot Experience Part 3

In this blog we go through the ins and outs of heading property. While the location tells you where the user is, the heading indicates the direction that the user is facing.

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