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Webinar: Mall of America’s Digital Journey

Hear firsthand from Mall of America’s IT Director, Janette Smrcka, share the story of the iconic destination’s digital journey.

Three things we learned from selling IPS to shopping malls

Three things we learned from selling IPS to shopping malls March 28th, 2017 Last year, Senion's VP of Product and Co-founder Jonas Callmer, was invited to speak at the GeoIoT Expo in [...]

Understanding the 21st century consumer

The consumers of today are different to the consumers of yesteryear. What are the expectations of the modern consumer? and how will they affect the consumer industry?

Can IPS enhance the shopping experience?

Creating an integrated shopping experience between online channels and brick-and-mortar stores is among the hottest trends in retail today. A recent TimeTrade study revealed that 85 percent of consumers preferred to shop at physical stores, versus shopping online. Retailers are looking at ways to have e-commerce enhance their traditional shopping experience.

Personalization: the key to getting it right

Personalisation: the key to getting it right July 11th, 2016 This is a guest blog written by Daniel Baker, Mobile Strategy Analyst at Mubaloo. Mobile, is instant, personal and [...]

How to attract more shoppers for bricks and mortar retailers

How to Attract More Shoppers for Bricks & Mortar Retailers May 12, 2016 Most of us rely heavily on GPS systems to navigate in our vehicles and on the streets. But step [...]

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