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Is this the commute of the future?

Are the activity based office trends leaking out into the real world?

10 Most Expensive Real-Estate Districts in the World

In the vast majority of companies, real estate is the second largest cost next to payroll. Depending on geography the actual rent price varies a lot. In this blog post, we take a look at the 10 most expensive districts in the world when it comes to office rents.

Nine out of ten employees believe flexible working is key to boosting productivity

Findings published by HSBC indicate flexible working environments are more important than financial incentives when it comes to motivation and productivity.

How to unlock more office space with smart solutions

Lack of meeting rooms is a common problem at large offices. Here’s how smart solutions can improve the situation by boost the availability and increase utilization.

When the office is over-booked and under-used

Providing the right amount of space, of the right kind, can be a challenge. A common concern among employees at companies of all sizes is the need for more space.

5 Reasons You Might Want to Reconsider Meeting Room Displays

If you’re looking to improve space utilization and make life easier for your employees, here are 5 important differences between room displays and virtual assistants for the office.

How to make better use of office space

An in-depth look at the reasons behind inefficient use of real estate, the cost, and what can be done to improve.

From factory floors to our modern offices

Over the past 60-70 years the amount of people who have completed college has risen by almost 800%. All those decades ago, many of those who didn’t attend college entered the workforce in blue-collar jobs and helped build the U.S. into a manufacturing powerhouse.

The Multi-Generational Office

The implications of the multi-generational office will cause a paradigm shift in the corporate world. But to understand what it means, and how it impacts corporations, we need to understand the demographic forces at work.

New Trend in Workplace Technology: Empowering the People, Not Things.

New Trend in Workplace Technology: Empowering the People, Not Things. April 13th, 2018 Assuming the goal of a better and more effective workplace (the “Smart Office”) there is arguably a lot to be gained from investing in workplace technology. One example is providing office workers with easier access through the use [...]