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Fifteen minutes past is thirty minutes too late

What if meeting room no-shows could be predicted?

Technology in the office: From typewriters to smartphones

Offices have changed dramatically over the past decades. In this post, we take a brief, historical look at the last 60 years of office tech.

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What is a Smart Office?

We’re entering the era of the smart office. But what does it really mean? What makes an office ‘smart’? and what are the benefits of a smart office?

Nudging people for a smarter use of the office

Technology should adopt to the user, not the other way around.

Reducing the energy usage of IPS

How we measured and optimized the power consumption of our IPS engine.

Webinar: Mall of America’s Digital Journey

Hear firsthand from Mall of America’s IT Director, Janette Smrcka, share the story of the iconic destination’s digital journey.

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What you need to know about indoor maps

Looking for indoor maps? Here are five good questions to ask indoor mapping vendors to ensure you get the best platform for your needs.

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