Creating a purposeful workplace by understanding your workforce

July, 2022

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit all of us, the world has seemed to slow down in every aspect including companies.

After two years of working remotely, companies are now slowly opening up to the idea of returning to the office and are adopting a highly flexible work model. According to a recent study conducted by Boston Scientific Group,  employees feel it is harder to collaborate when working at home. The study also suggests employees also miss the connection they had with colleagues in the office. More than 50% of respondents miss “being able to spontaneously walk to a coworker’s desk and discuss an issue” and “social gatherings at work.” 

64% of workers want to spend at least some hours at an office, store, or another type of workplace, as opposed to working entirely remotely.

Employees want to return. Are Employers ready to manage the workforce?

2022 is the era of understanding your workforce better in a hybrid work model. Now with employees wanting to return to workplaces physically, in turn, employers need to create a workplace that enables better collaboration, creativity, and productivity. They need to create a workspace that works for everyone and identify different employee types and their needs.

The Commuters

Employees that cannot, or choose not to, work from home. These will typically be office-bound, and cannot do their jobs from home.

Make their workplaces safe – Implement solutions like touch-less check-in and passage to reduce contact and track occupancy and congestion with smart tools and video analytics

  •  Help employees stay productive- Implement solutions that enable employees to pre-book workspaces and parking spaces in advance so they’re ready to go when they arrive.
  • Make the most of their space – Implement solutions that allow employers to track and report usage to identify under-utilized resources and create opportunities for repurposing.
  • Make better use of data – Collect data and use it to make more informed decisions. It can help employers reallocate resources which can help reduce waste and control costs.

Hybrid workers 

These employees spend some of their time at home and the rest from another location whether that be the office, the road, or out in the field.


Merge the onsite and offsite experience-  Implement solutions that improve collaboration such as smart meeting rooms and create dedicated conferencing terminals.

  • Make onsite visits purposeful –  Implement solutions that help employees work when it suits them. Create dedicated conferencing terminals to easily collaborate with others wherever they are. 
  • Reduce unnecessary downtime – Implement a mobile-app navigation system that can flag available spaces proactively and determine what resources are available on site before the workers arrive in heavily-congested areas to help them move around the site with ease.

Creating  purposeful workplaces

Employees won’t be onsite all the time, but when they are they want their time to be well-spent. Luckily there are solutions to help. The right technology can help companies improve the management of their workforce and real estate, help them to improve sustainability, reduce waste, and control costs. Senion by Verizon’s smart office workplace solutions can help make your journey as an employer easy. With the features like wayfinding, hot desk booking, flexible room booking, employee attendance management, and occupancy analytics, employers can manage different types of workforces in an easy, efficient, and productive way.  Learn More >