Senion’s goal is to create more productive workplaces & happier employees

Our mission

Senion is a global leader in location-responsive solutions, augmenting the mobile experience of people’s everyday life, making it more efficient and smooth. By assisting employees to find available work spaces, automate mundane tasks, and make it easier to meet up and collaborate, Senion helps corporations make better use of their spaces and increase staff productivity.

Our story

The company was founded in 2010 by six researchers who had problems finding their colleagues’ offices in the huge buildings of the university. Senion is an abbreviation of “sensor fusion”, the fundamental technology behind our indoor positioning system.

We used our expertise and experience in sensor fusion to create an indoor positioning system for smartphones. The system is designed so that the positioning should be accurate, have no latency, be cheap enough to compute on the device, work on more or less any smartphone and to be robust over time. Our vision is that one day indoor positioning will be available for anyone, anytime.

About Verizon Location Technology

Senion is now part of Verizon’s Location Technology team. The Location Team’s mission is to drive location innovation and provide value from the world’s spatial data. 

The team is building next-generation location-aware technology, including universal positioning and process optimization and simulation tools. These capabilities will help people utilize and navigate their spaces effectively, and lay the foundation for improving efficiency in the workplace and beyond.


To find out how to work with Verizon as part of Senion or any other division of the company, please review the Careers site here.

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Verizon announces acquisition of Senion

Verizon Announces Acquisition of Senion June, 2021 Verizon announced the acquisition of Senion, a global leader in location-responsive solutions. The developer of an indoor positioning platform, Senion’s advanced machine-learning sensor fusion technology delivers sub-meter accuracy for precise positioning and navigation of indoor spaces. From indoor [...]

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