Proximity vs True Location

At its core, technology that helps us understand where people and things are located inside buildings boils down to two basic concepts: either knowing when a user is in close proximity to a certain point, or being able to ascertain the user’s position regardless of his or her location within the building. The former relates to Proximity Systems and the latter to Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS).

New whitepaper: Choosing the Right Beacon

Today we're adding another whitepaper to the collection; Choosing the Right Beacon. This paper elaborates on the role beacons play in Indoor Positioning Systems, and what to look for in a beacon if you intend to use it for indoor positioning.

Who talks about us? – Shopper Marketing Magazine

Every month Shopper Marketing Magazine does a roundup of social, local and mobile marketing activity. SenionLab was recently featured under the So-Lo-Mo Central section of the magazine's August issue.

Updated Whitepaper: Indoor Positioning 101 – A technical perspective

Last week we presented an updated version of our more retail-oriented whitepaper Surprising and Delighting Consumers. It’s amazing to see such an interest in IPS, LBS and how these technologies can be used to enhance the customer experience. Really, wow! Today, the time has come to update another whitepaper of ours – Indoor Positioning 101.

The Fundamentals of Indoor Positioning: A Short Introduction

In a new video we present a short introduction to the world of Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS). The video is meant to explain the core basics of our Indoor Positioning System in an informative and easy way for those who are new to the concept.

SenionLab IPS used at Largest E-Commerce Expo in Latin America

Some of our clients choose to apply IPS at a specific event or convention. Recently our solution was applied at an exposition in São Paulo, Brazil.

Who talks about us? – Path to Purchase Institute

We're glad to see that our developments with a hospital in San Luis Obispo, California, were recently picked up by Path to Purchase Institute. Read the article here. Path to Purchase Institute (P2P) is a global association serving the needs of brand manufacturers, retailers, agencies and all types of solution providers. P2P has 500+ members [...]

Updated White Paper: How Indoor Positioning Systems Turns Customer Experience Upside-Down

We're happy to present an updated version of our white paper Surprising and Delighting Consumers! Here's an excerpt to give you a hint of what's inside. Today’s retailers compete more fiercely than ever in creating a vibrant customer experience. For success, retailers must understand their customers – including predicting their next moves and tailoring the [...]